We have moved Office

On 15th May 2018. After 28 years in West London. We moved to a Tech-Hub in North Devon to be closer to our support partners. Our physical address will be 11 The Strand, Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 1EU, England. Nothing else changes, although we are dropping our Fax line. We have also changed the location of our server: www.caliach.com is now in Hong Kong while www.caliach.co.uk is in Barnstaple - spot the difference!. See out latest news.

Introducing Colin Robinson

Caliach would like to announce the appointment of the newest addition to our team.

Colin Robinson joins us with a wealth of experience in Sales, Accountancy and Business Management in the role of Chief Executive Officer. His responsibilities will include driving the company forward globally and relieving Chris Ross of much of the tasks with which he is currently burdened, leaving him free to convert all our customers to Version 5, move onto the new MUM system and to deal with the question troubling all UK businesses, “What is 'Making Tax Digital' all about?”.

Colin can be contacted at colinrobinson@caliach.com and we welcome him to the team.


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Why do we stress manufacturing?

Unlike many other ERP software products, Caliach Vision is centered on manufacturing. We did not start out doing accounts and evolve into ERP with bolt-on additions written by accounts programmers. At Caliach we are all experienced manufacturing people who understand what manufacturers need. Our software reflects that.

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Office Holidays

The following days are public holidays when our office is closed: For 2018: 1st and 2nd January, 30th March, 2nd April, 7th and 28th May, 27th August, 25th and 26th December. For 2019: 1st and 2nd January, 19th and 22nd April, 6th and 27th May, 26th August, 25th and 26th December.

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Announcement - 28th August 2019

Sale of Caliach Ltd.

The following statement has was released by Chris Ross - Managing Director, Caliach Ltd on 28th August 2019:

It was recently announced that Caliach Ltd. would be sold to Mike Matthews of Lineal Software. After more than 30 years of working full time with his programme, the plan was for Chris Ross, MD, to devote half his time to Caliach and the other half to pursuing his retirement interests.

Chris and Mike met to discuss this proposed take-over and reached an agreement which satisfied them both. So confident were they that the needs of both of them and, most importantly, the needs of Caliach’s customers, would be exceeded, that they both put out an announcement to customers of their intentions and set a date for the transfer of the business of 1st. August 2019.

Unfortunately, their simple and mutually beneficial agreement then had to be put to their respective lawyers and accountants and that is when things went horribly wrong. More than a month further on and Caliach customers were beginning to be affected so Chris and Mike have agreed that they can take things no further. Lineal will, however, continue to provide full Support to customers, as has been the case for the last few years, for the foreseeable future.

Chris would still like to semi-retire but said “I will not do so at the expense of my loyal customers” so they have recently been presented with a number of options for the future and their responses are awaited. In the meantime, customers are assured that they and their systems will continue to be supported by Chris Ross, Lineal and Colin Robinson until Chris is confident that they will be equally, or better, served by someone else.

Best Regards....

Business Management Software for SME Manufacturers

Today's manufacturing businesses, including Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), operate in an environment of constant and high-speed change, where the ability to adapt quickly and effectively has become essential for success. Global synchronised supply chains, and ever higher customer expectations, all place a premium on information and flexibility to maintain competitiveness.

Businesses with global operations can particularly benefit from the new unique Language Swap system that enables multilingual operations. And now Caliach Vision comes in 11 dynamic program languages.

Caliach Ltd is an acknowledged expert and innovator in SME manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Our aim is to exploit the latest technology to deliver simple, powerful, affordable manufacturing business management software.

Caliach Vision ERP software suite is a testament to our success at this which is only matched by the success of our customers by using it.

Caliach Vision - the foundation of global success
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