Caliach Vision: Front-Line Support Changes - June 2016

Support for Caliach Software

Over the last 25 years Caliach have provided direct telephone and email support to Caliach software licenees using our own staff, often with direct customer access to engineers and implementation consultants. The demands of customers for assistance has been light enough to be accomodated by in-house staff. With the upgrading of Caliach Vision to industrial strength client-server standards we recognise that the resources we have in-house should be expanded to the growingly wide expectations of users.

Caliach will be restructuring our front-line customer support. From 15th June 2016 we are switching over to a team-based IT support partner with broad experience of business software support. We have teamed up with a well established business, Lineal Software Solutions Ltd., based in Barnstable, North Devon, UK to provide us with this support for our users

Lineal Software Solutions

Lineal have many common skills appropriate to Caliach software that make this partnership particularly valuable to Caliach Vision users:

  1. Lineal have more than 25 years experience of Omnis, the software under which Caliach Vision runs.
  2. Lineal are skilled in both Windows and Mac OSX, being both Microsoft and Apple certified partners.
  3. Lineal have experience of client-server (SQL) and local network database configurations and VPN network communications.
  4. Lineal serve numerous businesses with standard and turnkey IT requirements.
  5. Lineal have experience with ERP software and support many manufacturers from diverse industries.
  6. Lineal have a young enthusiastic professional team.

You can learn more about their broad range of services on their website at

Why has this change become necessary?

With the introduction of Caliach Vision V5 and the adoption of industrial-strength SQL server database technology the skill-set needed for day-to-day support has become broader. In addition, customer sites are typically becoming more complex with larger scale data, higher levels of program and systems integration and greater expectations of flawless operation.

Our personalised service has therefore been put under strain which has partly led to our main front-line coordinator, Paul Wilson, deciding to take early retirement as from 30th June 2016. While it was always in our plans to widen our support arangements, Paul's decision has brought this move forward.

When will we see changes?

From 15th June 2016 Caliach telephone number +44 (0) 1895 230203 will be answered by Lineal staff on Caliach's behalf. The email will be handled, at least in the first instance, by Lineal staff on Caliach's behalf. Soon after, will be routed into

Will Caliach Support be any different?

We expect and plan that it will be as responsive as in the past. However, as part of providing a professional service the personalised nature of our past support will decline. The new staff handling your needs will not initially have the personal experience of some sites that were available to Paul Wilson, for example. This is inevitable and customer's may need to be more comprehensive in describing the context of their enquiry, where before you assumed we already knew this.

Other than front-line support, Caliach will retain direct control of license sales, customisation, site upgrading, site consulting and training, however as Lineal build experience and resources we expect that they will move into at least some these services.

Full Site Support of V5 Customisation will continue to be handled by Chris Ross.

Lineal, while acting on behalf of Caliach to provide support for Caliach Vision, can also offer Caliach Vision users a further broad range of IT services that Caliach were unable to offer. This can provide a one-stop-shop for many of your IT needs.


Chris Ross of Caliach: "I was impressed how positive and upbeat Lineal's office was: it’s crucial Caliach Vision customers get the best possible support, which is why we are so pleased that Lineal’s team have agreed to assist our UK customers."

"This restructuring of our front-line support will also allow us to dedicate additional resources for Caliach Vision's future development."

Managing Director of Lineal, Mike Matthews: "Both Caliach and Lineal support a diverse range of manufacturing businesses - we’re very pleased to be Caliach’s choice to provide front line support for Caliach Vision customers."