Global Change - special global changes

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Issue: I am in the process of rationalising our process route instructions and thier associated standard texts. How can I globally change one standard text for another?

Nov 3rd, 2002

Feedback: In the case of non-standard global changes you must take great care as an error could damage relationships or other critical data. However, as with this example it is a reasonably simple matter to write some code and run it in File -- Advanced -- Programmer Interface, where XXXX is the old standard text and YYYY the replacement:

Begin reversible block
  Set main file {PROFILE}
  Set read/write files {PROFILE}
End reversible block
Set search as calculation {PROTXW='XXXX'}
Find first on PROSEQU (Use search)
While flag true
  Working message (Repeat count) {Processing...}
  Do $ctask.tData.$EditPrepNoQuit()
  Calculate PROTXW as 'YYYY'
  Update files
  Next on PROSEQU (Use search)
End While

Chris Ross - Caliach Design