Custom Reports - WO Report Display of Times

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Issue: My users like being able to enter times into process routes etc. in Hours/Minutes/Seconds (HMS) format, e.g. 2h45m2s, but point out that the standard WO report shows times in decimal format.

Can I modify the report to show hours, minutes & seconds instead?

Nov 4th, 2002

Feedback: All you need to do is to add a text field to a copy of the report for each time field you want to convert from decimal (just duplicate one of the other text fields on the report), and enter a calculation into each one. Add the fields just underneath the exisiting decimal time fields, or make the exisiting fields invisible and place the new ones on top.

Then enter the following text into the fields: -

For an operation planned setup time field add -


For an operation planned runtime field add -


For total planned setup time use -


And for total planned run time use -


Then copy the report to all users under the change management system as usual, and enable it in Privileges and Settings.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant

Issue: Good tip, I didn't know that.

Of course it would be even better if when editing Process Routes it was natively in HMS format.

Decimal hours is not very intuitive. Only hardened Caliach users know that 5 mins is 0.83333 hours.

I realise that to make calculations fast you probably need to store it internally as a decimal. But surely we could make it easier to us mere humans to edit.

Nov 4th, 2002

Feedback: Did you know about the HMSP syntax available whenever decimal hours are entered in Vision? Check out the 'Entering Time Values using HMSP Syntax' sub-section in the Process Routes -- Process Route Maintenance help page. You can use syntax such as 1h30m which resolves to 1.5000 with lots of other alternatives. ?

Chris Ross - Caliach Design