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Custom Labels

Issue: I have created a label type report, setting the $islabel property to kTrue, and I have set the paper type to kpaCustom so that I could define a custom label size.

However, on some Windows machines the default page size is being used when I print to screen, which means I am getting a spurious page break when printing to continuous label paper. How can I ensure my custom page size is used?

Nov 19th, 2002

Feedback: This is happening because when Omnis Studio goes to print to screen, it checks that the CURRENT DEFAULT WINDOWS PRINTER can accept the commands, regardless of what printer you subsequently print to hard copy. Unfortunately, some printer drivers will not accept the "user defined" page size command, so the default is used instead.

To avoid this, make sure that the Windows PC you are running Caliach Vision/Omnis Studio on when you go to print your labels, has your label printer (or another printer that will accept the "user defined" page size) set as the current Windows default.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant