Report rBomTrialkit modification

Issue: I've been trying to get BOMCREF to show up on the rBomTrialkit report, but without success.

Is there some fundamental reason why BOMCREF can't show even though it seems as though other fields in BOMFILE are available to this report? ?

Jul 21st, 2004

Feedback: You need to remember that with this report, a single entry in the component list could represent the same component appearing at several different levels in a multi-level BoM, so is not necessarily going to relate to any one BoM link in the database.

This means that BOMCREF is potentially meaningless in this context, and the BOMFILE values used in calculations in the report are list items named such for convenience only.

It would need a different version of the report that listed the same components appearing at different levels in the BoM on separate lines rather than consolidating them, to be able to reliably identify a unique BOMCREF.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant