iso week additions

Version Relevance: From V1.00 to V2.1 (fixed in V3.0)

Issue: I am trying to get a week number on a WO report class and it doesn't seem to work. What's up?

Nov 2nd, 2005

Feedback: It does give a genuine week number but it is some arcane Omnis interpretation of it (it is actually a week out from the ISO week in my examples - I think it starts from a different date).

You need to add an instance variable in the class method editor, say iWeek, of type number, sub-type short integer. Create/duplicate a field on your report, and give it a dataname of iWeek, making it calculated with a calculation in the text field of isoweek(WKOCDAT), with no formatting string.

This works fine for me, and conforms to the ISO calendar.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant