Barcode fonts on reports

Version Relevance: V1.00 onwards

Issue: How do I set the barcode font to use with Works Orders? The font I have is IDAutomationHC39M.

May 22nd, 2006

Feedback: You just make sure the font is installed on the machines you want to use, is also registered in the Omnis Studio font tables for your libraries, and is then selected for the report fields you want to print as barcodes.

You can either override the font for the standard fieldstyle, so that all standard reports that use barcodes now use yours, or you can override the style completely on custom reports and use a variety of different barcode fonts.

To add fonts to the font table: -

  1. Start Vision with the Design Omnis Studio, and open your custom library (OpenVision.lbs) with File - Advanced - Custom Features Utility.
  2. Open OpenVision.lbs in a library browser, and operate the context-menu in the browser to select "Browser Options". Make sure "system table" is included.
  3. Find the system table class #WIRFONTS (for Windows machines), and open it. Find an empty font row (the last one is best), click in the Windows field and then click the font you want to load from the list above. Close the table with OK.
  4. Introduce the modified font table class to your Change Management System (CMS) as usual, so that your user's Vision.lbs libraries will be updated.

To override the standard barcode font:-

  1. Go to File - Advanced - Environment and under Scheme Elements select Report Barcode fields, selecting the Design Specials tab at the bottom of the list, and selecting the style rBarcode.
  2. Now edit the relevant font name by click-and-hover, to the exact name of your font. If the font is on the machine and in the Omnis font table as described in above, it will now be used by the report rWorkOrderB and other standards, providing the fieldstyle for the fields with barcode data is still set to rBarcode.

To use an alternate font without overriding

  1. On your custom report class, select the field you wish to display with your barcode font, then select the appearance tab pane in the property manager and blank the field style. Then go to the text tab pane and select your barcode font as the font to use for the field. Save the report class.
  2. Introduce your custom report class to the CMS; after updating, your field will display as barcodes.

To see how we do this as standard with the C39 barcode font and the standard report fieldstyle rBarcode, just copy and examine the standard report class rWorkOrderB. In fact, you may be better of just buying this font!

The following is a snippet from the help system: -

CUSTOM CAPABILITY: The default barcode fonts used in the program are C39 AIAG B-3 24pt LJ3 for Windows and C39 High 36pt LJ4 for Macintosh. These can be changed with a custom #WIRFONTS or #MARFONTS system classes.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant