Using the CMS to Implement a Customisation

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Issue: I have received a ProgCode.usa file containing some new customisation. What do I do with it?

Aug 21th, 2009

Feedback: The ProgCode.usa file is a small datafile that contains compressed custom classes. Classes are modules of code, window, menu, report definitions that Omnis Studio can read and run within Caliach Vision to implement any sort of custom feature. The customisation has been written by a programmer inside his copy of Caliach Vision and the ProgCode.usa file is a way of packaging up the relevant pieces so that they can be transported to your site and transferred into your specific site customisation set and so implemented on all copies of Caliach Vision running on your network. Unless you are given specific instructions otherwise, this is the procedure to adopt to integrate new or updated customisation into your site:

  1. In Windows Explorer (or the Finder), go to your master Custom folder - that is the Custom folder alongside the data file, or if you do not have a network setup, the Vision\Custom directory for the installation of Caliach Vision used for customisation (usually the System Manager's installation). This is where your site-master OpenVision.lbs and ProgCode.usa files should be.
  2. Rename the site-master ProgCode.usa into something like MYProgCode.usa.
  3. Save the ProgCode.usa you have been sent into this directory. Now Caliach Vision will read this file as opposed to the site-master ProgCode.usa when using the CMS (Change Management System).
  4. Now launch Caliach Vision using the design installation of Omnis Studio and check that you are attached to your normal data file.
  5. Operate File -- Advanced -- Custom Features Utility, which will open your site-master OpenVision.lbs (may be called something site-specific). The customised classes you have been sent need to be copied into this to keep your site-master up-to-date.
  6. Then operate File -- Advanced -- Change Management System (CMS). The CMS Class Mover window will open. This will open the ProgCode.usa file. If you get a message that a new ProgCode.usa file will be created if you proceed, you have not completed the steps above correctly and you need to go back and carefully make sure the locations of directories and files are as described - we can not be more specific here because you control the directory/file structures which are different on every site.
  7. Now you can copy the new or updated class(es) from the CMS datafile (ProgCode.usa) into your site-master OpenVision.lbs. To do this click on the List CMS List CMS tool on the window toolbar to view a list of the classes sent to you within the ProgCode.usa. It is a good idea to have the Help -- Window Tooltips on.
  8. Select your site-master OpenVision from the drop down list on the left of the toolbar. This controls the destination of the Copy that will follow.
  9. Select all the classes listed and click on the From CMS From CMS tool on the window toolbar to copy the classes into the OpenVison library. You now have the source code of the customisation merged into your other site-master open-source customisation.
  10. Close the CMS Class Mover window to release the ProgCode.usa file from use.
  11. Switch back to Windows Explorer (or Finder) and rename the ProgCode.usa file you were originally sent or delete it (as it is no longer needed).
  12. Rename the original site-master MYProgCode.usa (renamed in 2 above) back to ProgCode.usa, so it can now be read by the CMS.
  13. Switch back into Caliach Vision and again operate File -- Advanced -- Custom Features Utility and then File -- Advanced -- Change Management System, select the site-master OpenVision from the drop-down library list to list all the classes in OpenVision. It is best also to click on the "Last modified" list column heading enough times to have the list sorted by last modified date in reverse order so the changed classes are at the top and clearly identifiable.
  14. Now select these new or updated classes in the list and click on the Copy CMS Copy CMS tool to save the them into your own site-master ProgCode.usa.
  15. With that done your customisation suite is fully updated and all you have to do is post this to the data file directory so that all other users can update their copies of Caliach Vision with the updated customisation. This too can be done from the CMS by clicking on the To Folder To Folder tool.
  16. Now restart Caliach Vision and test that you get offered an update. If not, you have missed a step somewhere. All users will be offered the update when they next log on to Caliach Vision.

Don't forget to add any new custom reports or features to your settings; typically- File - System Manager - Privileges and Settings, System tab, Custom Reports or Custom Features sub-tab (as appropriate to who is to have access to this new customisation). You will have received notes on this from the programmer.

For more details on the the Change Management System see ? and ?.

Chris Ross - Caliach Consultant