Link System expansion: V2.0000

Version Relevance: V2.00 onwards

Issue: Has anyone yet been able to automatically print linked files alongside purchase orders?

We have a great deal of custom parts manufactured (Cable assemblies, Transformers, metalwork etc) and it would be advantageous to us if the linked drawing of the part was printed at the same time as the purchase order itself. Our manufacturing drawings are all in *.pdf format and all held in the same directory on our server.

Apr 29th, 2005

Feedback: It is not generally possible to print linked documents automatically at the same time as associated records are printed on reports.

However, graphics formats with inbuilt Omnis Studio rendering objects, e.g. jpeg, pcx and gif, CAN be printed on custom reports and documents such as purchase orders, with a little modification.

There is an example report, rLinkPtmJpeg, in the Vision and OpenVision Libraries (just add with type Ptm). The first linked document found of the type specified will print along with the record.

More examples for review in the libraries are; rLinkGif, rLinkJpeg and rLinkPcx. Don't forget to look carefully at the class methods to see how the external graphics files are called.

If you have a custom document you want modified in this way, and have for example Jpegs linked to records, Caliach Ltd can make the modifications for you at our standard consultancy rates.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant