Data File backing Up

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: I am having problems with backing up the Data file.

I am using an Iomega Internal REV drive as my back up and everything else on the server backs up correctly with multiple revisions as requested.

Where as the Omnis Data file will only save as a 1kb file.

I have manually backed up the data file by duplication and saving in another directory and that seems to work most of the time but it defeats the object as far as I am concerned.

The correct file extensions are all in so I am not sure why the main Data directory and file are causing problems.

Sep 20th, 2005

Feedback: You need to make sure that everybody is off the datafile (sometimes users minimise the application so they forget to log out...).

Also, some server operating systems can fail to flag the datafile as released when everybody is disconnected - there should be a function on the server OS to maintain this.

Other than that, if you are able to copy the datafile manually but your backup software can't under the same circumstances, you need to look at the backup software.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant