V4 - Data migration from older datafiles

Version Relevance: V4 onward

Issue: We are upgrading from a software version prior to Caliach Vision 3.1xxx. Do we need to migrate the data to V3.1xxx before we upgrade to V4?

Nov 28th, 2012

Feedback: It is not necessary to upgrade to Caliach Vision 3.1xxx before migrating a legacy datafile to V4. However, the following steps must be taken first: -

CaliachMRP 2.6 only - prepare datafile

1. Login to CaliachMRP and your datafile under Omnis Design, and operate File - Install Utilities Menu. From the Utilities menu, select Datafile Tools - Check Data File. Select any files in the list which have the @ symbol against them, and Update the Data Dictionary. Now process any that require Reorganising (shown with the * symbol), and any that require Conversion of old type data (shown with the + symbol). Exit CaliachMRP.

2. Install, licence and run Omnis Studio 4.3xxx Design (contact Caliach Ltd support if you do not have a copy, or the licence key) and from the Studio browser select Datafiles, opening your datafile. It should connect immediately and you can now exit Omnis Studio 4.3xxx.

CaliachMRP 2.6 and Caliach Vision 2.1xxx - convert to Unicode and 1st stage upgrade

3. After installing, updating and customising Caliach Vision V4 with embedded Omnis Studio (see What's New in V4.00) open Omnis Studio 5.2.x Design without running Vision.lbs or the V2to3Upgrade.lbs tool. To do this, you can browse to the C:\CaliachVision-4.00\OmnisDesign5220\ folder of your installation, and double-click omnis.exe. (You may want to create a short-cut to this on your desktop). From the Studio browser select Datafiles, open your datafile and agree to convert to Unicode, selecting 'Full' conversion. (For a CaliachMRP datafile, the Trace Log will list some errors which can be ignored). Now right-click on the datafile in the browser and choose Close Data File.

4. You can now continue to the first stage upgrade using the V2to3Upgrade.lbs tool, as described from point 2 in: Upgrading Caliach Vision to V3.00 from Earlier Versions.

All Versions from CaliachMRP 2.6 through Caliach Vision 3.1xxx - 2nd stage upgrade

5. You can now connect to the datafile with your updated and customised installation of Caliach Vision V4, allow the datafile upgrade to complete and rebuild the datafile using the Datafix Utility as normal.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant