Omnis Studio add segment crash workaround

Version Relevance: V4.0003 onward

Issue: Omnis Studio V5.2 crashes when we operate Add Segment in the Re-Size Data File function. How does Caliach Vision V4.0003 get round the problem?

Jun 15th, 2013

Feedback: The crash of omnis.exe is caused when the $segments.$add() notation method is called. There is a workaround which uses the Runtime Datafile Tool but while $segments.$add() required no user intervention, the use of the tool requires the user to confirm his intentions. There are two places in Caliach Vision that are affected:

File - Advanced - Re-Size Datafile

This can also be run from within DataFix by clicking on the Create button alongside the Target path.

The Add Segment button simply added a segment to the selected datafile. From V4.0003 it now opens the Runtime Datafile Tool:

Runtime Datafile Tool

You now need to click on this window's Add segment button and then a further window will open:

Select directory for new segment

In the normal course of events there will be only one pre-selected directory listed, so just confirm by clicking OK and then click Close on the Change data file size window. You have now added a segment to your datafile.

When Any User Logs into Caliach Vision

When you attach to a datafile, before entering your User Id and Password, Caliach Vision automatically checks that the main datafile has sufficient free space for normal working. If space is insufficient and you are the only user attached to the datafile, empty space will be added. A Caliach Vision datafile can expand to 256Mb in this way, but beyond that an extra segment must be added, and that in turn is limited to 256Mb. A total of 16 segments is possible. Adding an extra segment was an automatic process in Caliach Vision V3.1xxx. With Version 4.0000-4.0002 if you reached this 256Mb segment limit it would attempt to add a segment and Omnis Studio would crash. All users on operating systems would confronted with same crash, grinding your operations to a halt.

From Caliach Vision V4.0003, instead of automatic segment creation you will be presented with the Change data file size window in which you must Add segment manually, as described in the section above.

Chris Ross - Caliach Consultant