Permissions for new parts

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Issue: Our part numbering system follows certain protocols. In the case of Printed Circuit Boards, all part numbers begin with "PCB". Is there a way of setting permissions for only certain users to add parts with this "PCB" prefix, whilst still allowing others permission to add other parts?

This would help us to ensure that the relevant purchasing and manufacturing information was added to the engineering notes by those who fully understand the procedure, leaving others free to add other non-critical parts ad hoc.

Sep 1st, 2005

Feedback: The ultimate control of engineering and quality information on parts should reside with internal procedures, perhaps involving the use of index codes and the engineering change in progress flag to implement the release of approved parts.

It is possible to add custom code to control the addition of new part numbers through in-built custom hooks. If you need this to be implemented for you, a request for quotation must be made to Caliach Ltd, accompanied by a comprehensive specification.

The following is an extract from the help system and reference book: -

CUSTOM CAPABILITY: oCustom1.$NewPartRecordInit(), oCustom1.$NewPartRecord() and oCustom1.$NewPartRecordSave() provide hooks for you to build custom methods to change or verify the way Part Numbers and other values are set by users. For instance, a method could be written to prevent the user creating a part record without entering data in particular fields.

CUSTOM CAPABILITY: oCustom1.$PartNoAfter() provides a hook that could be used to provide part number format verification. After data entry, the procedure would check for a valid format and report deviations and prevent further progress until rectified.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant