Overview of Upgrading Major Versions

Version Relevance: up to 5.0400

Issue: Each new major new version has special issues. Can you provide a summary?

September 10th, 2008

Background: Caliach started in 1990 with CaliachMRP V1.00 running on Omnis 5. As of September 2013 the current release is Caliach Vision V4.10 running on Omnis Studio V5.2.3.1. Over that time technology has changed and the upgrading process has had to change to accomodate that.

We have made every effort to make the process as painless as possible, but sometimes multiple steps are needed to accomodate a reliable upgrade process.

Feedback: We have compiled the following table to help you visualise what is involved with upgrading from one version to another. Although the process is cumulative when automatic, other major activities signaled in red must be performed as you pass through thise stages. For example if you are currently in V2.10xx and want to move straight to V4.10xx then you you must perform the extra step for V3.10 and then V4.00 before attaching to the datafile for final automatic upgrading by Vision at first login. To get to V5.xx the data must reach V4.10xx standard first, before attempting the V5 migration.

Caliach version Omnis Upgrade procedure Customisation incompatibility
MRP pre-2.60 7 V3 Must be upgraded to CaliachMRP V2.60 before special migration to Caliach Vision.  
MRP 2.60 73 V7.1 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 1.00 Studio V3.0.1 Normal upgrade takes CaliachMRP 2.60 data to Vision data before V3.10 then simple automatic upgrade until V3.00 and beyond. Complete re-write
Vision 1.10 Studio V3.1 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 1.20 Studio V3.1 Simple automatic upgrade. Special Field Style issue
Vision 1.30 Studio V3.3 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 2.00 Studio V3.3.1 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 2.10 Studio V3.3.3 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 3.00 Studio V4.1.5 Need to use V2to3Upgrade.lbs pre-process to re-organise Addresses and Contacts Re-write some custom features and all custom documents
Vision 3.10 Studio V4.3.2.1 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 4.00 Studio V5.2.2 Requires Omnis Studio connection to datafile first to upgrade datafiles to Unicode. Only after exiting that process can you attach to V4.xx for final data upgrade.  
Vision 4.10 Studio V5.2.3.1 Simple automatic upgrade.  
Vision 5.00 Studio V6.1.2 Requires special data migration process and data modifications for any interpreted structures, such as User Searches, Data Views, Workflow Triggers, etc. Re-write all customisation to accomodate SQL client server standards.
Vision 5.04 Studio V6.1.2 Simple upgrade - see Upgrading from V5.03xx to V5.0400  

There are details of each upgrade in the Introduction Section of the Help.

Chris Ross - Caliach Design