Data Transfer - erroneous double-quotes

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Issue: When part descriptions contain the double-quote character ", when I import them into Caliach Vision I end up with two characters "". What can I do to stop this or remove the extra character globally.

Nov 3rd, 2002

Feedback: This happens because fields of data are encapsulated with a " at the begining and a " at the end. Any " characters within the data are changed to "" and these are ignored as field data delimiters. There is nothing you can do to prevent this but you can remove the extra " character afterwards with the following code pasted into File -- Advanced - Programmer Interface and run.

Begin reversible block
  Set main file {PTMFILE}
  Set read/write files {PTMFILE}
End reversible block
Find first on PTMPTNO
While flag true
  Working message (Repeat count) {Processing...}
  If pos('""',PTMDESC)>0
    Do $ctask.tData.$EditPrepNoQuit()
    Calculate PTMDESC as replaceall(PTMDESC,'""','"')
    Update files
  End If
  Next on PTMPTNO
End While

Chris Ross - Caliach Design