Upgrading for the first time

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: I have recently implemented Caliach Vision, and now wish to upgrade to V2.00 as I have received the CD and new licence.

My installation is of the "server" variety, where the Omnis Studio run-time and all Vision supporting directories except "Terminal" and "Email" are located alongside my datafile on the server.

The upgrade notes on the CD don't accommodate this type of installation - how do I go about it?

Apr 14th, 2004

Feedback: Caliach Ltd recommend that the first major upgrade available after implementation should be done under the supervision of a Caliach professional - usually as part of system manager training.

For assistance with server installations, and some general tips on upgrading, there is a new document under Support stories and frequently asked questions on the web-site, which must be viewed in conjunction with the upgrade notes accompanying the release and the help ?.

Give us a call if clarification is required, or to book some on-site assistance!

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant