Win 98 - Caliach Locking

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: Recently installed Caliach. Having a problem with it locking with the hour-glass if left for over o hour, whether signed in or not. Opportunistic Locking registry mod has been applied to server. Write-behind caching of local drives turned off - which seemed to do the trick for a day. Win XP machines seem uneffected.

Aug 7th, 2004

Feedback: We have had some reports of the 'padlock' problem in evironments using Microsoft servers and a mixture of XP and other Microsoft clients (and not just for Omnis applications - other applications shared files seem to be affected also). See our latest support maintenance release email.

It appears to be something to do with a change to the network layer in XP (it didn't happen when you mixed NT/2000 and 9x clients).

Microsoft have reported the problem (Knowlege Base article 823272) but are not as yet providing a fix.

Don't forget to turn off opportunistic locking on clients as well as the server. Both XP and NT/2000 have this control. For clients you are preventing the requesting of locks, on servers you are preventing the granting of locks. See the Microsoft knowledge base article on configuring opportunistic locking for more details.

If you don't have any joy with your Microsoft server support, try testing with either all 9x clients, and/or all XP clients to confirm the problem. I believe some of our users have abandoned XP altogether, while others have move entirely to XP. I guess it depends on the numbers involved!

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant

Issue: How about Linux - does the problem occur with Linux and XP?

Aug 5th, 2004

Feedback: Not aware of this particular problem with Linux, but some clients have seen some large performance discrepancies when using XP alongside other Microsoft clients on a Linux server, even when using the Omnis DataBridge - however, data is very scarce. As always, XP seems to be the cat among the pigeons...

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant