Data Transfer - Serial Number Import

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Issue: I am trying to port over information from an Access database for the calibration/repair info of our units (the DB was in use prior to using Caliach). After some tinkering in Excel I am now at a point where I need to add in each s/n's sales history details.

Something I need to know though is would Caliach have a problem with records that had the fields SNOIVNO, SNOCUSC and SNOCONT filled in but had no data for the field SNOCON and would it still be able to drill-down to see any customer/sales/invoice info without it?

I have the other details stored in Access so I can get those across but dont know which particular line item a unit would belong to in relation to its order/invoice.

I could probably design a report to extract this info from Caliach's sales history but if I can get away without having to have yet more data to sort through and manipulate I would very much prefer it!

Apr 28th, 2005

Feedback: You would still be able to drill down, but you would not be able to print the serial numbers on the dispatch note etc..

Additionally, you would probably find that if you did a re-unite routine on the SNOFILE (which you should be doing as part of your routine maintenance), the record you have entered would be deleted anyway because there is no matching sales history record of the serial number.

Your best bet is probably to import the numbers and then assign them after the event.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant