Stock Initialisation

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Issue: We're looking to go live with our Caliach system following a complete stock take. We've run the system for a while now and have almost everything in place to start using it fully.

What I'm looking to do is clear the stock quantities from Caliach and then import the confirmed Stocktake values.

I have tried to export Data Transfer -- Processing -- Inventory Quantity and then amend the values but when I re-import the new values are added to the old ones.

I tried to zero the stock quantities this way by importing a negative value but this resulted in all quantities being rejected - negative values are not allowed.

I then exported Data Transfer -- Manufacturing -- Parts, amended the stock quantities to zero and re-imported - this failed as the part numbers were not unique.

Have you any idea how I can accomplish this?

Jul 22nd, 2005

Feedback: Your can either start with a completely new data file, and just import/export all your master data (customers, suppliers, parts, BoM etc), or do a full stock check, adjusting the quantities to the correct start value. (Remember to adjust the location quantities for multi-location parts, not the total count quantity).

The advantage of the first of these options is that you also lose all your trial processing data, such as sales, works and purchase history. Inventory quantities will not be imported along with a parts import - this can only be done with an inventory import.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant