Remote and "thin-client" access

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: Accessing Caliach Vision remotely, or using Windows ultra-thin-client technology such as Microsoft Windows Terminal Services or Citrix Metaframe as the sole regime for using and managing the system, is becoming increasingly popular.

Jan 3rd, 2006

Feedback: This can have significant benefits in terms of improved data integrity, ease of management, remote access, and hardware cost reduction, and is recommended for large numbers of users. However, the following points must be addressed: -

  1. Users must log off from Caliach Vision before ending a session, or use a full session log-off which closes all applications - otherwise datafile backup cannot take place overnight, and the datafile size cannot be checked and incremented automatically on first user login the next morning.
  2. Session timeouts that close a user session and leave applications running are the very worst case - the user thinks they have ended their Vision session as well as being kicked off the Windows session - in fact Vision is still running and the datafile cannot be backed up that night.
  3. The best solution (if achievable with the operating system in use), is for a timeout to take place after no user activity, and then for the server to log the user off the session completely, including closing applications (which will shut down Vision).

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant