Routine Maintenance Guidelines

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: What should be our activity diary for routine data maintenance activities?

Mar 10th, 2012

Feedback: Every site is different both in the inclusion of activities and how frequently they are performed. And each site should massage this list and allocate duties in the light of experience. If certain activities throw up repeated errors these should be investigated and adjustments in practice amended accordingly. The indicator icons below are as follows:

  • Ledgers only  relevant to sites with the Ledgers license option.
  • Manufacturing only  relevant to sites with the Manufacturing license option.
  • Single-user activity  activities that must be carried out while all others are off the datafile.
  • Backup recommended  activities where a preceeding backup is strongly recommended.
  • ?  clicking on this will open the help page covering the activity.
Activity Function Path Notes Help


Datafile backup External to Caliach Vision using a Backup program. All users must be logged out of the datafile during this process. Single-user activity  
G/L Balance Check Ledgers only Ledgers -- General Ledger -- Review Account List Check both the Current Period and Future Periods tab panes and look for an Imbalance which if present will be shown at the bottom left. This confirms that no G/L transaction corruption has taken place. ?


A/R and A/P Control Analysis Ledgers only Ledgers -- Accounts Receivable/Payable -- Control Analysis, then Run Analysis There should be no imbalance if the ledger is in line with it's control account in the G/L. This identifies any inconsistency that will need to be investigated and resolved. ?
Bank Reconciliation Ledgers only Ledgers -- General Ledger -- Bank Accounts Clearing bank transactions regularly when they are recorded by your bank is a last resort mechanism for identifying mistyped transaction and therefore the veracity of your book-keeping. ?
Part Costing Masters -- Global Changes -- Product Costings, then select Roll-Up Assembly Current Costs This ensures that all current costs for parts are brought up-to-date so stock valuations and WO kit costs are accurate. ?


Reset Data Files File -- Advanced -- Re-Set Data Files, then Parts, Customers and Suppliers This ensures that the balance values on the master records are in line with the underlying documents. Persistent corrections need to be investigated. ?
Rebuild Keyword Search File -- Advanced -- Keyword System Settings As you modify data that is subject keywords the keyword search database becomes progressively out of line with the data. Only record additions and deletes automatically update the keyword search database, edits do not. The Rebuild Keyword File function deletes the existing database and builds a new one. Single-user activity ?
Upgrade the program File -- Advanced -- Upgrade Via the Internet Keep your site updated with the latest maintenance releases of the software which include new features. ?
Period Routines - Roll-Over File -- System Manager -- Period Routines Unless you have Ledgers and have set the automatic roll-over, you will need to manually roll-over Parts, Customers and Suppliers. ?
Ledgers Month-End Ledgers only Ledgers -- Ledger Manager -- Month Period-End Typically the A/R is run at the end of the last day of the calendar month, with A/P and G/L some time after. This process typically automatically performs a reset G/L, transaction archiving and period routine roll-overs. Single-user activity Backup recommended ?


Extend Make and Buy Calendar File -- System Manager -- Calendars Extend for a further period. The frequency of this activity is very variable and dependent on you forecasting horizon. Single-user activity ?
Reset Data Files BoM File -- Advanced -- Reset Data Files, then BoM Reorganisation This resets the parts lowest-level number which is normally automatically managed during BoM maintenance but can become disrupted. Single-user activity ?
Review Period Activity Log File -- System Manager -- Period Routines, then Print Activity Log Scanning your eye down the report of activity since the last time allows you to spot strange or excessive processing activities. ?
Ledgers Audit Analysis Ledgers only Ledgers -- Ledgers Manager -- Audit Trail, then Reports and Analysis tab pane. There are various reports and listings that verify the veracity of the book-keeping. ?
Delete MRP Results data slot Ledgers only File -- Advanced -- Re-indexing, select MRPFILE and click Delete This completely deletes the internal MRP results database structure. This allows the MRP Results data space to shrink as normal MRP Processing for performance reasons does not delete data. Single-user activity ?


Period Routines - Delete and Archive History File -- System Manager -- Period Routines History builds up after a time and in due course becomes less and less useful to keep on-file. Archiving off data can improve overall performance of the database by making space for ongoing data. Backup recommended ?
Reset Datafiles - Archive File -- Advanced -- Reset Data Files, then Archive and Delete tab pane This function deals with archiving off records from accumulating data areas not coved in the Period Routines function above. Single-user activity Backup recommended ?
Re-Unite Missing Relatives File -- Advanced -- Re-Unite Missing Relatives Select all files listed and click Re-Unite. This will pick up any logical relationship errors and delete or repair. This should always be immediately preceded by a backup in case index damage leads to mass inappropriate deletions of data. Backup recommended ?
Link System Orphaned Links File -- Advanced -- Link System Maintenance Two functions are useful to check that linked external documents are correct. Build List of Broken File Paths and Build List of Orphaned Keys. ?
Extend Ledger Calendar Ledgers only Ledgers -- Ledgers Manager -- Period Calendar Extend the accounting periods for the next year. ?
Ledgers Year-End Ledgers only Ledgers -- Ledgers Manager -- Year Period-End Routine end-of-year activity when the previous year's accounts have been finalised. Single-user activity ?
Backup Ledgers Structure Ledgers only Ledgers -- Ledger Manager -- Special Ledgers Data Transfers, then Export Entire G/L Account Structure This provides and external backup of the accounts structure and all related support files. ?
Backup Settings File -- System Manager -- Privileges and Settings, System tab then Backup To Text File button, bottom left. This creates a text-file backup of all user, group and system settings including all privileges and options. ?

When a Major Upgrade is Performed

Data Fix datafile File -- Advanced -- Data Fix Utility This process builds a fresh datafile and populates it with identical data from your existing data. In the process it compacts the data, re-indexes and defragments it, usually leading to significant performance improvements. Single-user activity Backup recommended ?

Chris Ross - Caliach Consultant