A/R and A/P archived debits

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Issue: It has come to light that when we ran month-end May, that a few accounts that had part paid invoices on them have been archived off the system and now show the amount that should be outstanding as a minus figure in unallocated credit.

This appears to be on both A/R and A/P and only seems to have affected part paid items. We are now unable to clear subsequent payments made as all it is doing is reducing the negative unallocated credit.

Jul 21st, 2004

Feedback: I think you will find this is normal action, the help says: -

"The A/R and A/P ledger processes carry out the following tasks:

All transactions that are cleared prior to the data retention period for each account are archived to the file listed and deleted. A balancing value is left at the first transaction of the account if there is a balance carried forward from the archived records."

If you have part-cleared invoices outside the data retention period, it is probably not a good idea to archive them as it will be difficult to identify what payments go with what. Also if they are part-cleared, then the resulting amalgamated brought-forward figure may be incorrectly marked as cleared (I will report this as a possible bug). If this is the case, then just select the Archived carry-forward transaction and click "De-allocate Selected". This should remove the -ve unallocated credit and allow you to allocate payments to it. (It worked OK in my example.)

Sounds as if you need to review your data retention periods (in Ledger Manager -- Control Settings -- Data Control), and your archive policy.

**UPDATE - This behaviour has now been modified as B0605 on V2.0010; uncleared invoices are now carried forward instead of being amalgamated during the archive process, and are left marked as uncleared.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant