MRP Ignore

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Issue: MRP is recommending that I buy (very expensive) components that I don't need!

I have an active work order that requires them, but I have marked it as "Ignored by MRP" - but the components are still called for. What is going on?

Feb 25th, 2004

Feedback: When you mark a work order for MRP to ignore, it assumes you wish it to be ignored for the purposes of supply of the parent subject to the work order, NOT the supply of components required to make it.

This is to allow for parent items that you might want to make for stock without creating a production plan, for example.

It does not make any sense to have a works order on the system that you are not going to allow the system to supply stock for, because it could never be made!

Conversely, if you mark a normal PO line item for MRP to ignore, the supply of the parts (until they are in stock) will be ignored, so if they ARE required the system will recommend additional purchases.

See the help for more details ?.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant