Stocktake Time Again!

Version Relevance: All versions

Issue: The new year typically involves a stocktake.

Jan 5th, 2005

Feedback: Just a few reminders to help the stocktake process: -

  1. Try to keep individual freeze sets small for easy navigation and management.
  2. Using the freeze set name (and/or stocktake page number) in the document reference when processing results, helps auditing through inventory history reports.
  3. Remember that for multi-location parts you MUST edit the quantities/locations in the location list (click and hover), not the count result which will just add or subtract float stock.
  4. To find a part, if you select any part in the list then you can just start typing the part number to go straight to the part (and then shift + to go to further occurrences), or type * followed by characters in the part number.
  5. Remember that the list will be sorted as per your choice when freezing stock, so choose carefully.
  6. Note that if you restrict the location range when freezing, only the locations in the selected range will show in the location list, while the full physical will show in the frozen quantity, leading to a difference that is not necessarily float stock. You should hence ensure that across all your freeze sets, all locations are covered.
  7. If you select the option "Select by stock location", the list will be sorted by multi-locations, not preferred locations.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant