Turning on Batch Tracking

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Issue: I am considering turning on batch tracking for some parts; what preparation should I undertake?

Jan 12th, 2005

Feedback: The main thing to understand is that batch-tracking will only function on valid batches. This means that ideally you should only turn it on for parts that have no physical stock quantities. You can do this in global changes - remember to also turn off "Draw from Several" if you want to enforce lot-for-lot tracking.

If however your parts already have physical quantities, in either float stock or a non-batch tracked multi-location, you will need to proceed as follows: -

  • If the part is NOT already multi-location: -
    1. Mark the part as multi-location, batch tracked and draw from several (unless you need lot-for-lot tracking).
    2. Go to Process/Inventory/Stock Control and find the part.
    3. Select the New Location tab pane, and enter the entire quantity of float stock, and the location name. Click OK.
    4. When the system asks you for a tracking reference, use something like "new batch".
    5. When you confirm the new location, the system will have created a "legal" batch, and everything should be fine.
  • If the part IS already multi-location, but not batch-tracked yet: -
    1. Go to Process -- Inventory -- Stock Control and find the part.
    2. Select the Change Location quantity tab pane, select the part in the location list, put in the correct quantity with a minus sign in front (to subtract from the location), and process.
    3. Repeat step b for any location quantities, until all the stock is in float stock, and all locations are empty.
    4. NOW carry out actions 1-5 above.

Test everything on play data first!

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant