Capacity planning implementation

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Issue: We are considering using Capacity Planning. We already run SFDC on our Work Orders, but I have not, so far, updated any Routes with the information collected as this is logged more for tracking purposes. I wonder if there is an enhancement envisaged where the Routes can be updated with the history of SFDC, or if a "Custom update" can be purchased?

What other preparation should be undertaken before turning Capacity planning on, and what should I be planning for the MRP part of the system?

Jun 27th, 2005

Feedback: There are no current plans for a routine to update process routes from work history. In most cases, the difference between process route times and actual times is valuable for efficiency analysis.

Routes are normally updated manually following analysis and review, where route times are found to be unrealistic or out of date.

If a custom feature is required to do this, just spec it out carefully and send in a request for quotation.

For the smooth operation of capacity planning, it is also important that all operation logging for existing work orders is up to date, and that it is subsequently maintained promptly.

MRP requires accurate stocks and bills of material, and carefully set and maintained planning values. It is also important to clean up old orders from system, and make sure all demand is genuine.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant