Goods Return to Supplier Crash

Version Relevance: Before V3.0000

Issue: Occasionally when we carry out a return to supplier, the system exits on confirming, and fails to process the return.

Most times it is OK - has anybody else noticed this?

Jun 27th, 2005

Feedback: This has been reported before, and while it is difficult to reproduce consistently, the following guidance appears to work in most cases.

While we are not absolutely certain of the exact cause, it does appear to relate to the amount of text put in to the return comment field in the grid list, and what happens when windows that have subsequently covered it are closed when processing takes place (i.e. it appears to be some kind of redraw issue in the grid list).

We can trigger it more consistently by, for example, entering enough text that a scroll-bar appears in the field. Things to try are: -

  1. Making the field wider and/or deeper (just hover over the edges and drag when you get the tool). The effect of this is to reduce the necessity for a scroll-bar and keep all the text in the visible field.
  2. Moving any window that subsequently covers it, such as the multi-location selection window and/or print dialogue away from the field, so that on closing (as processing continues) the field does not have to be temporarily redrawn. If this works once, Vision should remember the position of the window (and grid-list widths and heights) for next time.
  3. Putting less text in.

We have not had so many reports about this problem for some time now (it was rare anyway), so we are assuming that the guidance above mostly gets around the problem. Omnis cannot reproduce it in Version 4 of Omnis Studio, so it looks as if it will be solved once we are sure V4 can be used with Caliach Vision.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant