PO Currency

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Issue: Our buyer has come to me with a problem concerning the currency convertion. Basically 99% of his suppliers deal in GPB (£), and the remaining are in either Dollars ($) or Euro's (€).

He has set up the suppliers with their respective currency, then raises the PO's accordingly. Then when he books the items in he confirms the prices at that time in that currency.

For some reason when you go to confirm the price it has changed it to GPB, which is a problem as you need to confirm the foriegn currency. The basic tree for example is the suppiler set to Euro's, the PO is set to Euro's, the confirmation needs to be in Euro's but the component part needs to be in GPB so the the BOM Roll up costs remain correct.

Aparently this was working but for some reason is not now. I guess something has changed without us realising but what is the question.

Jan 26th, 2006

Feedback: The system should behave exactly as you say (and I have just confirmed this by testing). The supplier currency is used as the default for a PO (although you can override this), and the purchase history will be created in the PO currency on receipt - this is what will be seen on PO prices confirmation.

The only other factor is the purchase part record for the price, this may be in a currency other than the supplier default, but the cost will be converted to the PO currency on adding the part to the PO. You just need to check the currency and prices on the PO carefully once it is saved, to see if you can work out what is happening.

The part current cost will always be calculated in your local currency.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant