Customer Address Changes in History

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Issue: I recently changed the default address for a customer, and found that when I re-printed old invoices where I hadn't used an individual or additional address, the new address was being shown on the invoice.

How do I ensure that historical invoice addresses are not changed when the default customer address is changed?

Nov 18th, 2002

Feedback: For economy of data storage, if an additional address or individual address is not used for a sales order, the system assumes that the customer default address is appropriate, and just references it.

If you feel that you want to maintain the actual historical invoice and/or delivery address in your invoice history, then you must use either an additional or an individual address. (The additional address will be stored for later re-use, the individual address will not.) Then if you change the default in future, it will not affect your history - of course to maintain this regime you must also add the new address as an additional address.

If you have not adopted this regime, and now find that you have a new address for a customer and don't want to change history, you will have to add the new address as an additional address and select it in future.

It is also worth pointing out that if you change an additional address that has been used in history, the history will now be referencing the changed address (you will be warned about this). To avoid this you must add a new additional address instead of changing the existing one.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant