Customer Inspected Stock

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Issue: We have a customer that wishes to carry out their "Goods Inwards Inspection" on our stock while it is still on our premises.

How can we best identify their stock that has been inspected, and stock still awaiting their inspection?

Jan 16th, 2003

Feedback: A few things come to mind in this situation: -

  1. Putting my QA Managers hat on, if your stock is to be verified by your customer before shipment then it should not really become stock until it is verified. Otherwise you are deluding yourself about your potential realisable sales revenue. To truly reflect the situation they are asking you for, the last op. for the products should become customer inspection, and you don't book in to stock until it is done. If this is not practical (because of QA frequency/problem issues etc.) then consider the following options: -
  2. Put a code in the stock location comments for the batch on booking it in, and remove it once the inspection is done. You can then easily report what is inspected and what isn't.
  3. Record QA data manually (not automatically on receipt) only when your customer has inspected it. Once again you can find what batches have been inspected (provided you put the correct batch number in when you enter the data) - this time from the QA results file.
  4. Do a formal stock transfer on inspection (and physically move the items). You can then report status using the inventory valuation location report, or from the stock location file.
  5. Book items into quarantine until they have been inspected. (Watch MRP and projected stock though...).
  6. Consider putting in another BoM level, which requires a work order to create the final stock from the raw "un-inspected" item. This can be a simple backflushed order where QA data is also recorded. That way you can see stock of un-inspected items.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant