Customer returns

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Issue: We currently process customer returns using the sales history method (customers returns/credit note/renew sales order/raise WO etc.....) Using this route, we have to make a stock adjustment for the number of returned items, to avoid purchase reports asking for the complete BOM to be bought. (Our assemblies may have only one component faulty, so buying the whole BOM is not desirable.) Faulty parts are covered by a general stock issue. There is a considerable amount of juggling at the end of a repair job to return to the customer, close the work order and adjust stock accordingly. How do others tackle this problem?

May 11th, 2003

Feedback: Try marking the back-ordered sales order items for MRP to ignore (but not the work order, or the components will still be called for) and then mark the work order for backflushing. You will need to ignore any recommendations to cancel the work order, but because the recommendation is there the components won't be called for.

When you backflush the order, just leave/add the materials you actually used, zeroing any you didn't require.

This method also allows you to issue the actual returned assembly to the work order, provided the option optWOCanAddParent is set.

Alternatively, just leave the returned assembly in stock for eventual re-shipping, and raise an internal job to consume materials and resources to do the repair.

Anybody else got any suggestions - I know there are a lot of you doing this; what are your methods?

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant