Ship customer and Charge/Billing Customer

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Issue: I have been evaluating vision demo for few days now. Could you help us with these questions?

Our existing sales order system uses different code for ship-customer and charge customer. For example customer A025 normally charged to customer A001, etc. This is also apply to other sales order and AR module so we can have different Sales / AR reports for both customer A025 and A001. How do we setup vision to support this?

There is no add button to insert new country in File -- System Manager -- Countries. How do we add country to the countries list?

In sales/purchase order entry, how do we select part number from the parts list without using parts scratchpads? Is there a function key to show or browse parts list?

Jun 14th, 2004

Feedback: Both customers and suppliers support "factoring" customer/supplier. Set the relevant alternative customer/supplier code in the financial tab pane of customer or supplier maintenance, and all financial postings will be made to the alternative.

Of course you can also use additional addresses for different shipping/invoice destinations even if they are not separate trading entities. For suppliers, an additional address can be set as a "factoring" address so that both the standard and the additional address will show on purchase orders.

To add new countries just tab out of the last line in the list.

To select parts you can use the keyword system (just type ? followed by the key word of interest) and/or the scratchpad - don't forget you can drag and drop from the scratchpad; this is the standard part list for the system, and can be customised to your preference.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant