Review Stock Availability for Demand: V2.1003

Version Relevance: From V2.1003 onwards

Issue: A feature was introduced in V2.1003, and is intended to provide a rapid answer to the question - how soon can we ship this demand? How does it work?

May 12th, 2005

Feedback: A couple of tips may help get to grips with it.

  1. Get familiar with the help ?.
  2. To quickly work out the best possible aggregate dispatch date for the entire demand, sort by "Available Date" and look down the list for the latest date shown.
  3. Sort by line item, or look at the parent part number, to work out the implications of results for lower-level items in the demand.
  4. Caveat 1: The analysis will only be accurate if multi-level supply and demand is satisfied at the time of analysis - e.g. recent MRP results have all been implemented, or in a non-MRP environment, all existing demand is satisfied with appropriate work/purchase orders down through all levels. (To check for MRP results that have not yet been implemented, once items have been loaded into the parts scratchpad just highlight them and select "Multi-stock Location Details" from the Scratchpad Options menu for access to MRP results.)
  5. Cavial 2: For a sales order or job line item that has already been saved, but then modified without saving the changes, the results could be in error - hence you must make sure any changes to previously saved line items are saved, before running the analysis.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant