Repair Jobs - over-costing

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Issue: We want to make use of the facility to fully track a product back into the company for repair, through issuing to a job, and then on job completion.

However, we find that when we issue the product to the job after returning it to stock temporarily (or passing it through quarantine), the current cost of the product is used to capture actual cost - distorting the overall cost of the job.

How do we avoid this over-costing?

Nov 18th, 2005

Feedback: To avoid logging this additional cost, when you load the product onto the job also load an additional ad-hoc line item (with a description of something like "Zero issued cost"), with a -ve current cost equal to the current cost of the product, and zero sales value.

Then when you issue the product, also issue this extra line item - the cost of the product will hence be cancelled out.

Paul Wilson - Caliach Consultant