Option to swap SO Invoice Address/Contact

Version Relevance: V3.0007 onwards

Issue: We have some customers where we want to address a Sales Order Acknowledgement differently to the Invoice when it is created. However, this currently involves going into the SO after we have printed/emailed it and editing the address/contact ready for dispatch.

Can this not be done automatically?

Mar 28th, 2007

Feedback: In V3.0007 a system option was added which does exactly what you want. Add the option optAdlSoInvPrint at a system level and set its value to 1.

Then you need to set a customer's address document linking so that one address/contact combination is set for "Sales Order (Invoice on SO)" and a different one is set for "Invoice (Invoice on A/R)". These are respectively SO and INV document links. When you then create a SO for the customer, the SO linked address/contact will be loaded into the SO as the invoice address.

With the option set at 1, after the SO is printed the invoice address will be changed on the SO to the INV linked address/contact. A number of points to note, however:

  • The switch of address and contact takes place when the Printed flag is set, so it will happen only when you print to an appropriate device such as a printer (or have optSOPrintMarkAll=1).
  • If you reverse the printed flag (by double-clicking on the Printed field in the SO Selection dialog window), the address/contact will be changed back to that of the SO link.
  • In either forward or reverse, if there is no link set, no change will be made to the SO.
  • If you set the SO invoice address to an individual address and you have a valid INV link, after printing the individual address will be cleared, so a reverse operation will apply the SO linked address/contact and NOT the original individual address.
  • You can easily test it by opening the SO Maintenance window, select a SO for an appropriate customer with address document links, then turn on and off the printed flag using the Select SO dialog and watch the invoice address change.
  • There is no equivalent function on Jobs and Estimating as there is no printed flag.

Chris Ross - Caliach Design