Option for RMA Duplicate Part mechanism

Version Relevance: V3.0010 onwards

Issue: It was proposed as a solution to managing returns for repair that a RMA (Return Material Authority) Duplicate Part option could be introduced whereby a special part is automatically created and placed on a new SO. This part could then be handled with a subsequent WO and dispatched back to the customer.

Aug 3rd, 2007

Feedback: In V3.0010 a system option was added, as follows:

optSOReturnRMA system option has been added: If set to 1, on a SO return, a RMA-NNNNNN part will be duplicated from the part number entered in PTMUSE3 and added to the backordered SO. This can be individually switched off in the Complex Return window.

Fields utilised: PTMUSE3 of the returned part must be set to the part which is to be copied to make the RMA-NNNNNN part. MCNUSE1 serial counter (can be set in Company Details window Document Numbers tab pane) is used to control the sequence of the RMA-NNNNNN part number.

During Returns for Credit, if a part is returned that follows the following rules a RMA-NNNNNN part is created and an extra SO line item added :-

  1. The system-level option optSOReturnRMA=1.
  2. The PTMUSE3 field on the returned part must contain a valid part number.
  3. If 1 and 2 are true, a control checkbox will be available and checked in the Complex Return window. It must remain checked for the RMA part process to take place.
  4. The returned item must be backordered. If 1, 2 and 3 are true but the item is not backordered, the user will be warned and cannot proceed with the return.
  5. The part in 2 above will be duplicated as a new part and given the part number RMA-NNNNNN, where NNNNNN is controlled by MCNUSE1 and it accommodates manual additional RMA-NNNNNN parts created in Parts Maintenance. The following will also take place in relation to it:
    1. The new part will be given the description of "<Customer Code>:<Returned Part No> return" truncated to 30 characters.
    2. The new part will have zero quantities initially, otherwise all fields are copied unchanged.
    3. Any BoM, Serial Number Structure, Process Route and Quality Assurance Regime will be duplicated.
    4. Any external links to the Part, BoM records and Route Operations will be duplicated.
    5. The PartsNew test trigger will not function but Keywords will be added and the Part Cost Log maintained.
  6. Normally when items are returned and backordered, the original SO is reinstated. When items are subject to RMA treatment a new SO is created specifically for the single returned item and its associated RMA-NNNNNN part. The new SO will have the same field values as the original order (except Order Number and Date). Other items returned at the same time will be processed normally.
  7. The backordered return part will be treated as normal, however the following rules apply to the added RMA-NNNNNN part item:
    1. The RMA-NNNNNN part can be a SO Kit type part.
    2. The quantity ordered will be the same as the returned quantity taking account of unit of measure multipliers.
    3. The price is set to PTMSELL, without regard for quantity price breaks, promotional or other normal price algorithms, however it will handle foreign currency orders by conversion and customer discounts will apply.
    4. The SO Item description will be the RMA-NNNNNN part's individual sales text (take note!).
    5. The sales posting ledger code will be the same as the RMA-NNNNNN part's (without regard for customer).
  8. Cleaning out old unwanted RMA-NNNNNN parts can be achieved using the existing File -- Advanced -- Special Functions, Delete a Part with All its History function using the Auto-Delete from Scratchpad Selection feature.

Chris Ross - Caliach Design