Caliach Vision Faults Fixed up to V1.3000

B0463 - Job Completion with under-issue of parts - parts still allocated

Date: 1 Mar 2003, version: 1.3000, rating: 50, platforms: All

Description: Create a job, issue some but not all parts. Invoice and complete job - despite parts no longer being required, they are still shown as allocated to the job. Re-setting part process quantities fails to remove allocation. Suggest that remaining part process quantities are updated on job completion, and parts are unallocated in inventory history so no longer included in process quantities (just like estimates, but they could become active again if the job is re-opened...).

Get around: Remember to decrease required part requirements before closing job.

Caliach response: cManager, oProcessJobs, taCapacity, wJobInvoice, wPtmProSlist

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