Caliach Vision Faults Fixed up to V2.1000

B0637 - G/L Account Maintenance - current period budget incorrectly displayed

Date: 9 Dec 2004, version: 2.1000, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: After year-end but before doing a Year-End, enter a value for budget for the current period and save changes. This figure is not displayed in G/L account maintenance Current Status under "Current Period" or on reports. Historical budget figures appear to be displayed OK. {Previously: B0630} {Previously: U0001}

Get around: None

Caliach response: wAcGlaMaint

B0638 - Print Remittances - wrong header info. when totals on new page

Date: 14 Oct 2004, version: 2.1000, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: When printing standard remittance advices in bulk, if there are sufficient allocations for one remittance that (only the total?) causes a page break, the header information on that second page can relate to the supplier for the next remittance, not the supplier for the relevant total. Note: All reports (cheques and RAs) use the rAcRemitSuper superclass which supports a limit on the number of allocation lines so that it is limited to a single page. Additional lines are consolidated. The standard rAcRemit class has been set in the $construct method to a max of 25 lines.

Get around: None

Caliach response: rAcRemit

B0639 - Serial Number Tracking Maintenance - Find not working for parts

Date: 30 Sep 2004, version: 2.1000, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: Click Find - the part number field will not accept a drag and drop (or double-click) from the part scratchpad, or a S/N from the Serial Number Listing. Also the parts up/down arrows do not operate correctly.

Get around: Type in part.

Caliach response: wSntMaint

B0646 - Enter Stocktake Results - batch location quantity doubled

Date: 23 Feb 2005, version: 2.1000, rating: 25, platforms: All

Description: Freeze part with multi-location and batch tracking set, but no existing physical quantity. When entering count result, just click on "Add" and populate location name and quantity, then process. All reported quantities during processing are correct (including batch tracking record), but double the intended quantity has been added to the location file, and the float stock is indicating -ve stock to the quantity of the entered value. The total physical is correct. Example: - enter quantity 5 in stocktake results in location X - on completion, location X will show 10, float stock -5 and total physical 5.

Get around: None

Caliach response: wSttPrint, wSttEntry

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