Caliach Vision Feature Enhancements up to V1.0300

F0055 - Postcode field to be added to Marketing List

Date: 23 Jan 2002, version: 1.0205, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: It would be useful if the DEAPOST field was included in the marketing listing, enabling the list to be manipulated by geographical area, in conjuction with post code maps etc. {Original customer reference: F0006}

Get around: Include DEAPOST in keyword search and build the list by multiple keyword searches.

Caliach response: wMarketMaint, wMarketList, cVersionNo

F0056 - Stock history listing to show physical balance

Date: 31 Jan 2002, version: 1.0206, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: An additional list column has been added showing the calculated physical quantity prior to each inventory movement. Only useful when the list is sorted chronologically.

Get around: None

Caliach response: wSthListSub

F0057 - A/P - Ability to adjust the quantity relating to an invoice

Date: 4 Feb 2002, version: 1.0207, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: During the invoice verification process it is some times necessary to adjust the quantity to relate the line to the invoice. - supplier invoices for part of the quanty delivered - the current window only allows process for the full quantity delivered per line received. Sometimes the supplier will deliver the full quantity of items on hand written advice notes , but their system treats them as more than one deliver for invoice purposes. {Original customer reference: F0117}

Get around: None

Caliach response: wAcApInvrec

F0058 - Stock Lengths Special Feature implemented

Date: 5 Mar 2002, version: 1.0208, rating: 30, platforms: All

Description: Re-implemented the stock lengths feature that was available as a Special User Feature in CaliachMRP. It uses the DYNFILE. See now help on windows listed.

Get around: None

Caliach response: DYNFILE, wOptLengthMaint, wOptLengthAdjust, wOptLengthPrint, rOptLengthList, rOptLengthStatus + help files for 3 windows

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