Caliach Vision Feature Enhancements up to V1.2100

F0123 - Generic Headed List object printing and data export

Date: 17 Oct 2002, version: 1.2002, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: Headed lists now can have a context menu to print a generic report of the list visible contents or export the raw underlying list data. Implemented on ScratchPads as a window menu. Othere than Scratchpads it has only been implemented on the ledger transaction list subwindow and the list of Options for settings. Full accross-the board implementation for all headed lists is planned for V1.30.

Get around: None

Caliach response: cDataInfo, mList, rListPrint, wAcTraListSub, wExportFormat, wOptionsList, wScratchCustomers, wScratchGL, wScratchParts,wScratchSuppliers, String rep082

F0124 - A/P and A/R Statements and Reports up to Period

Date: 17 Oct 2002, version: 1.2002, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: A/P and A/r Statements and Reports dialogs now have a limiting period that can be applied. When applied transations and any credit allocations made in later periods are reversed so showing the situation as at the end of the selected period.

Get around: None

Caliach response: rAcStateSuper, wAcApStPrint, wAcArStPrint

F0125 - G/L Asset Register Print Report Enhancements

Date: 4 Nov 2002, version: 1.2005, rating: 25, platforms: All

Description: The G/L Asset Register had a limited reporting function. Full selection and custom reporting capabilities have been implemented as well as context-sensitive list reporting and export.

Get around: None

Caliach response: wAcGlAssets, wAcGlAssPrint, wAcGlAssSelect,sAcGlAssets, sAcGlAssUser, rep083, s0115

F0126 - Retrospective G/L Journals

Date: 12 Nov 2002, version: 1.2007, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: A retrospective Journal feature has been added. You can create a Journal for a closed G/L period subsequent to the last year-end. This is achieved by selecting the chosen period when creating the Journal in the normal Journal window. However, to be able to do this your user ID must be present in a new system option optAcRetroJouUsers. This can contain any number of user IDs separated by commas. This feature will only normally be used for processing anual autitor adjustments which can now be done after closing g/l periods but before processing the Year-End function.

Get around: None

Caliach response: oLedgers, oTerminal, wAcGlJournal, optAcRetroJouUsers

F0127 - Interactive filling-in of License Registration Form

Date: 18 Nov 2002, version: 1.2008, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: When printing a registration form from the License window, a window is provided for you to enter details of the registration which are then printed on the registration form.

Get around: Hand Write

Caliach response: wDemoMessage, wLicense, wLicOrder, rLicOrder

F0128 - Tree-list G/L Structure and accounts drill down window

Date: 26 Apr 2001, version: 1.2008, rating: 40, platforms: All

Description: Provide a window that would enable drill down account and group account analysis for a period. {LedgersDrillDownTree.doc} {Previously: R0036} This has been implemented as a new Ledgers -- General Ledger -- Review Accounts Structure Tree menu item. The Expand List button will initially expand the structure headings then further clicks will blow down into the accounts within them. Double-clicking on an account selects or adds it to the G/L Scratchpad and therefore interactivly operates with the Account Transaction Review, if that window is open. The amounts shown can be a selection of periods or year-to-date.

Get around: None

Caliach response: cAcNominal, mAcNominal, mList, rAcGlTree, taAcNominal, wAcGlTree, wAcGlTreeOptions, rep084 s4516, s4517, s4518

F0129 - Capacity planning make-to report quantity subtotal option

Date: 24 Dec 2002, version: 1.2010, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: Provide an option to the Work Centre Make-To report such that the due and available quantities are sub-totalled by the make-to window list sort order in the case of individual reports and by start date in the case of a report for all work centers.

Get around: None

Caliach response: rCplWcmake, taCapacity, wCplDates, wCplWkcMakeTo

F0130 - Option to have tax regime applied to uplifted value

Date: 31 Dec 2002, version: 1.2011, rating: 30, platforms: All

Description: Provide an system option for a list of Tax Regimes on which an uplift percent will be applied to the value on which tax is then calculated. optTaxOnUpliftValue has been added as a system-level option. It is a TaxRegime,Percent,... comma separated list of regimes and percents. (E.G. VAT,10,GST,15 whould lead to VAT taxes being based on a 10% uplifted value and GST taxes on 15%)

Get around: None

Caliach response: optTaxOnUpliftValue, oEnvironment, oTaxes, oTerminal, oVersion

F0131 - Agents commission additionally calculated on costs

Date: 9 Jan 2003, version: 1.2013, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: The addition of two commission calculation methods where the rate is applied to the net current or standard cost value of the line item. The Commissioning Agents Maintenance window now has a drop-down list of calculating methods.

Get around: None

Caliach response: oComAgents, rCoaList, rComList, wComMaint

F0132 - Agents commission review additional functions

Date: 9 Jan 2003, version: 1.2013, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: Three additional functions have been added to the Sales Commissions Review window on the Modify and Post Commissions tab pane. They are: Remove Selected from List to remove lines from the list without deleting any records. Invert Selection in List can be used to reverse your line selection. Select Lines for Paid Invoices uses the document reference to check invoices and credit notes and selects those lines there the invoice has been paid (this feature enables you to subsequently post only those commissions where the customer has paid for the goods).

Get around: None

Caliach response: wCoaReview, wInvoiceList

F0133 - Global change changes report

Date: 18 Apr 2001, version: 1.2015, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: When carrying out Global changes there is a need to print a document of all the changes for ISO 9000. This could be a simple text list rather than a report. {Previously: R0022} This has been implemented as a text based Alert Message option to Log Changes. Applies to Parts, Customers and Suppliers.

Get around: None

Caliach response: s4525, s4526, s4527, s4528, s4529, wCusGlobal, wPtmGlobal, wSupGlobal

F0134 - MRP reports sort by supplier

Date: 18 Apr 2001, version: 1.2015, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: Add field to MRP file MRPSUPP which equals the PTMSUPP field. Add a sort selection to report window to sort either by part number (standard) or by the primary supplier from the parts master and then by part number, so that the MRP results may be sorted by the primary supplier Using this method it avoids the problem of trying to sort by the reference. It is noted that if PO's already exist on a different supplier this will not be identified by the PO number used as reference. As a consequence the push pull and cancel action may not relate to the same supplier. {Original customer reference: U0020} Likely to be implemented as a report linking with PTMSUPC. {Previously: R0033} The Print MRP Results Report window now has an additional option to Sort by primary supplier which leads to a leading sort on part primary supplier code with a page break at each new supplier. Current MRP sort options remain. (Any previously customised versions of rMrpCost or rMrpResults need to be re-built using the new versions of these classes).

Get around: For orders to be placed the create from results may be sorted and printed. But there is no get round for push pull or cancel actions.

Caliach response: rMrpCost, rMrpResults

F0135 - Agents commission review additional reversing functions

Date: 15 Jan 2003, version: 1.2015, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: Provide the ability to perform reverse postings of previously posted commissions. This is implemeneted with an additional tab pane on the Review Agent Commissions window containing two buttons one to reverse supplier account postings and the other to reverse posted commissions. The ability to populate the commissions list from a special user function has also been added (also applies to the Invoice List window).

Get around: None

Caliach response: cAcManager, oComAgents, wCoaReview, wComMaint, wInvoiceList, cVersionNo

F0136 - Agents commission option to accomodate royalties on parts

Date: 22 Jan 2003, version: 1.2016, rating: 20, platforms: All

Description: An system-level option optCommissionRoyalty has been added which, if set to 1, will add any agents listed in part ad hoc field 4 (PTMUSE4) to a sales order, job or invoice line. This is to accomodate using the commission system for royalty liabilities that apply at a part level regardless of the commission class or customer agents.

Get around: None

Caliach response: optCommissionRoyalty, oTerminal, oComAgents, wAcArInvChange, wJbiMaintSub, wJobInvoice, wSolMaintSub

F0137 - Work Order Backflushing option to add extra parent

Date: 21 Feb 2003, version: 1.2020, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: A system-level option optWOCanAddParent has been added that will allow you to enter the work order assembly part number as an extra part. This provides for re-processing situations.

Get around: None

Caliach response: optWOCanAddParent, oTerminal, wWoBackflush

F0138 - Clear NULLs feature added to Re-Unite Missing Relatives

Date: 28 Feb 2003, version: 1.2021, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: Problems can arise if numeric fields contain NULL values as any calculation on a NULL produces a NULL. For example in part process quantity calculations. NULL values can arise due to data corruption or import. A function has been added to the Re-Unite Missing Relatives window to 'Clean NULLs' for selected files. It will scan all records and identify any numeric field containing a NULL and set it to zero with a report.

Get around: None

Caliach response: cManager, wReorFiles, s4533, s4534, s4535

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