Caliach Vision Feature Enhancements up to V5.1100 and F0633

F0632 - Control window added to change Appearance and Window Options

Date: 12 Nov 2017, version: 5.1001, rating: 1, platforms: All

Description: Due to overwhelming whingeing demands from one customer site, and at great expense, a control (icon button) has been added to the Terminal Preferences window. It opens a new window in which numerous appearance and option settings can be set for the working environment (window component colours, etc.) Users should be mindful of the psychological and physiological damage that can be inflicted on employees and managers through the use of this tool. In particular, the development of a cult-like belief in the superficial merits of times-gone-by. Changes to settings update the studio\appearance.json and studio\window.json files in the Omnis Studio installation.

Get around: None

Caliach response: wTerminal, wTermAppear

F0633 - Option optSOIndivEmail added to control Email address when Individual SO/Invoice Address

Date: 30 Nov 2017, version: 5.1001, rating: 10, platforms: All

Description: Option added to control the recipient Email address for printing SOs, Quotes, SO Pick Lists, CBD Invoices, Invoices and Credit Notes. The option can be User to System. Set option optSOIndivEmail 0 = None (as previously), 1 = Default Customer Address only, 2 = Default Contact of Default Customer Address.

Get around: None

Caliach response: optSOIndivEmail, oTerminal, oProcessSales

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