Data File Sizing

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Data File Sizing

Use this function to manually add space or a segment to a data file.

A data file can consist of up to 15 segments (operating system files) of a maximum size of 256Mb each. By allocating initially a particular size, disk fragmentation can be minimised in normal operation. Files are organised into blocks of 512 bytes, i.e. 2048 blocks per Mb.

The data file that Caliach Vision operates with always has the internal name of MAINFILE. The Keyword file is also usually open and this has an internal name of KEY.

Caliach Vision attempts to automatically extend the datafile and add segments when needed. This is done when the first user attaches to a given data file. However, this auto-increment can cause disk fragmentation so it is recommended that the data file is set to a comfortably large size to hold the data expected over a period of time. You can obtain an analysis of data space utilisation from the report produced by the System Performance window.



Data File List

This lists the currently open data files by their internal name.

Segment list

This lists the segments of the file selected.

Segment size in Blocks

The current size in 512 byte blocks is shown when the file is selected. If you enter a larger number, the data file will be extended accordingly up to a maximum of 524288 blocks (256Mb).



Add Segment

Click to add a segment to the data file. You should never add a segment to the KEY datafile.

Remove Segment

Click to remove a segment of the data file. You can not remove the first segment and will not be able to remove a segment that contains valid data. It must be empty.

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Document path Reference Contents > Advanced Functions > Data File Sizing