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This is a very powerful process that can completely change the business characteristic of the data and must be used with care.

Purchase part performance global update provides for an automatic method of re-calculating purchase part performance indicators. This procedure can be applied to any range of parts.

You have three options for the selection of part records that changes will be applied to:

The user has two options represented by the two checkbox items in the Performance Options pane:

Recalculate performance indicators

Recalculate performance indicators will use recorded purchase history to calculate the four performance indicators. Purchase part items that have no history are unaffected by this processing.

The File -- System Manager -- System Preferences settings are shown at the bottom of the window and will be applied to the process. If the preference flags are NOT set to calculate the variable on the last delivery, the average of all history will be used. The algorithms applied are as follows:



Delivery Speed Indicator 0-100

The supplier with the minimum actual lead days is rated at 100. Other suppliers are rated at (100 * minimum lead days / actual for this supplier). E.g. a 50 rating will imply that this supplier takes twice the time to deliver as the fastest.

Delivery Reliability Indicator 0-100

All suppliers are rated at (100 * (1 - (excess actual days over ordered days) ) / ordered days). If the actual days does not exceed ordered days the rating will be 100. E.g. a delivery 5 days late when the supplier promised the item in 10 days, the indicator will be calculated as 50.

Price indicator 0-100

The supplier with the minimum price is rated 100. Others are rated at (100 * minimum price / actual price for this supplier). E.g. if the best price is 2.00, a supplier costing 2.30 will be given a rating of 87.

Quality indicator 0-100

All suppliers are rated using the proportion of returned goods. It is calculated at (100 * (1 - (quantity of returns / delivered quantity))). E.g. for a delivered quantity of 1000 with 50 returned, the rating will be 95.Note that there is a system preferences setting that specifically prevents quality indicator re-calculation as some users may seek to use manual systems of quality assessment.

Resetting Part Primary Supplier

Resetting the part Primary Supplier calculates the best performer for a part using the factored indicators set in the "System Manager" "Company Details" section.

Factors are used to load the four Purchase parts performance indicators to produce the overall performance of the supplier for a part. The four factors add up to 100. If all four are given the value 25, then each indicator will be equally weighted. If one is given 100 and the others 0, the overall rating for the supplier will be solely based on that indicator.

The part's Primary Supplier will be set to the supplier with the highest overall rating. If there are more than one with the same highest rating, the first alphanumeric supplier code will be granted primary supplier status.

Warning WARNING: Note that if recalculating performance indicators is processed at the same time, only suppliers with history will be considered. If independently run, all supplier part entries will be used in the selection.



Global Change

To process the global update for all parts within the selection you have entered.

The window has two tab panes.

Part Selection

Performance Options

Part Selection

Purchase Part Global Changes - Part Selection pane

Select a range of parts that the global change will apply to.



Selection range

Enter a selection in the Part Selection subwindow.

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Performance Options

Purchase Part Global Changes - Performance Options pane

To choose the performance indicator and preferred supplier options.



Recalculate performance indicators

Check to re-calculate performance indicators on purchase-part records, based on purchase history.

Reset part Primary Supplier to best performer

To re-compute the part preferred supplier based on the overall performance ratings held or calculated in Purchase Parts.

System preferences

Company and System Settings. Delivery speed performance on last delivery. {MCDFILE.MCDPPDL boolean}

System preferences

Company and System Settings. Delivery reliability performance on last delivery. {MCDFILE.MCDPPRL boolean}

System preferences

Company and System Settings. Price performance on last delivery. {MCDFILE.MCDPPPL boolean}

System preferences

Company and System Settings. Quality performance on last delivery. {MCDFILE.MCDPPQL boolean}

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