Change All Component Quantities by a Factor

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Change All Component Quantities by a Factor

This function is useful if you wish to change a part's stock unit of measure and want that change to be reflected in all instances of the part as a component in the Bills of Material and optionally other areas. It is, in effect, a function to change the stock unit of measure of a part, for example, from feet to metres with a multiplier of 0.304800. Enter the part number and multiply factor then decide whether processing of all other files should be made. If you check this option, you must also enter a new stock unit of measure. An alert message reports the results of processing.

When you use the "Also convert..." option the following will be adjusted:

These adjustments are made to the following files: Parts, Process Route Operations, Purchase Parts, Store Locations, Production Planning and Forecasting, MRP Results, PO Line Items, SO Line Items, Work Orders, Order Shortages, Frozen Stocktake records, Tracking, Stock History, Purchase History, Sales History, Work Order History, and finally a Stock History adjustment (type 'N') is recorded to mark the change.

Warning WARNING: This is a powerful feature that should only be done after the datafile has been backed up.



From Part

Type in the part number you are interested in. Press the Tab key to validate the number and see the Sock UoM and Description.

Current Stock UoM

Parts Master. Standard stock unit of measure. {PTMFILE.PTMSTUM char national 6}


Parts Master. Part description. {PTMFILE.PTMDESC char national 30}

To Part Number

If you enter a greater part number here, all parts within the range will be applied the same changes.


Enter the value you wish to multiply the current BoM quantities by. The value must be > 0 and less than 100,000,000.000 and is a floating point number.

Also convert other quantities

Check this option to adjust all part data in line with a conversion of UoM.

New Stock UoM

Enter the new Stock Unit of Measure that you are converting to.



Apply Change

Apply the change permanently to the data.

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Document path Reference Contents > Advanced Special Functions > Change All Component Quantities by a Factor