System Monitor

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System Monitor

This window shows current user and document status and in real time identifies user activity in creating documents, transactions and when they log on or off. It is designed for system manager administration.

You can set the Refresh Rate and, if needs be view the logged-in users passwords. Because of this, only trusted users should have access to this window.



File Path Status

This button opens the File Path Status window which looks and all active and potential folder and file connections for the program.

View Passwords

Click to redraw the list showing passwords. This will only last until the next refresh. This is only enabled if your user id is listed in the optMonitorShowPassUsers system option.

Remove Duplicates

This can be used to remove duplicate entries that inappropriately arise from users not closing the program cleanly.

Test For Only One User

Check to perform a server test each refresh to check whether you are the only workstation attached to the datafile.

Note NOTE: This is not the same as seeing a single user listed in the user list. The user list is a table maintained by the program each time a user logs on or off the datafile. This test messages the server to establish whether the server believes that you are the only user attached. If users do not cleanly exit the program, the server may believe that the user is still attached. Most servers perform a periodic (typically every 10 minutes) test to clean out orphaned users such as these, so you may need to wait. If you are the only user, Restart the Program to clean out illegal users in the user list.

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Document path Reference Contents > Manager Controls > System Monitor