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The window is opened for document address and contact selection whenever an address is to be selected by the user. For example, for a delivery address on a Sales Order. Two lists are shown.

A list of all addresses for this master record. Select an address line to show the list of contacts for that address below. The default will be pre-selected.

A list of contacts for the selected address with the addition of a -- No Contact -- option. Click to select.




Click to maintain the customer's or supplier's addresses and contacts in their respective master maintenance windows. If you do not have Update priviliges this button will be disabled.

Apply Address

Click to apply the selected address with the selected contact.

Tip TIP: You can apply the optAdrFastList user option. In large datafile installations where customers can have hundereds of addresses, the Address Selection window list of addresses can take a long time to build. This option switches the list building process into a fast-build mode where only address description, company name and postcode are listed.

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Document path Reference Contents > Customers > Address Selection