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BACS is a UK electronic payment bank clearing system. It enables you to make payments without writing cheques. This service is provided by most commercial banks in the UK. When you make arrangements for this service with your bank they will provide you with a stand-alone program that will provide the secure communications with the BACS system. This software always permits manual loading of payment instructions and typically also permits the import of data from an ERP/Accounts program.

The way that you handle a BACS payment process in Caliach Vision is as follows:

Warning WARNING: For effective working, the BACS processing system relies on all steps of the process being correctly undertaken without error. Care should be taken to correct any errors the system reports when you List BACS before you subsequently BACS Export. After export, if any errors take place in the bank's BACS software such that one or more payment fails to go through, this should be recorded in the system by modifying all document references in transactions associated with the payment in Ledgers -- Ledger Manager -- Audit Trail and in the Audit Trail of Transactions window Error Correction tab pane.



Starting document serial number

The serial number that will be appeneded to BACS- for the document reference of the payment transaction. You should not decrement below the default number offered.

BACS Payment List

Listing of all payments to suppliers or customers that have valid BACS data and have a document reference or BACS.


The value of the payment.

BACS Reference

The BACS reference that appear on the recipient's bank statement.

Document Reference

The document reference that will be set against the bank transaction after processing the export.

Payee Name

The name of the customer or supplier, uppercased and truncated to 18 characters.

Withdrawl bank account number

Enter the bank account number that payments are to be withdrawn from. This is needed only by Hexagon.

Tip TIP: This is not the G/L code of your bank account, it is the bank account number recognised by your bank. By default if you place this at the end of your G/L bank account description preceeded with a # character, it will be pre-loaded. For example: City and Mutual Bank #23895698-225

Paid on date

Enter the date that payment will be due to be paid. The default is affected by optAcBacsPayDays and the Buy Calendar. This is needed only by Hexagon.

Tip TIP: The optAcBacsPayDays provides a way of giving a default payment date. This is typically needed by Hexagon-using banks and should be a few working days ahead otherwise the BACS run may be rejected by the bank.



Print List

Will cause a report to be printed of the subject matter. Right-click to change the report destination.

Export - csv

Export the data in CSV format.

Export - Hexagon

Export the data in Hexagon text file format. (Typically for HSBC and others).

Tip TIP: Normally you will be propted for an export file location and name in the normal manner. However, you can make use of a Terminal Preferences optAcBacsExPath. This is the file path for the Bank Cheques BACS export. The directory path must exist. The file will be created or overwritten. Otherwise the user will be prompted as normal.

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Document path Reference Contents > Ledgers Nominal or General Ledger > Bank BACS Payment Export