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When multi-stock parts are received into stock, by a return, adjustment, PO receipt, etc., this window will open.

If you have checked the Maintain multi-stock locations extended information in the File -- System Manager System Preferences window, the normal location window will be extended to enable you to enter extended information.

Tip TIP: The option optStockBatchWindowOff when Extended Stock Information system preference is on and you want to suppress the opening of this window.



Part number

Stock Locations and Quantities. Part number. {STOFILE.STOPTNO char 18}

Quantity into stock

Stock Locations and Quantities. Physical quantity in this location. {STOFILE.STOPHYQ number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Batch identifier. {STOFILE.STOBATC char 7}

You will be able to enter your own batch number if the optStockBatchNoManual option is set ON.


Stock Locations and Quantities. Location identifier. {STOFILE.STOLOC char 8}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material width (or second) dimension. {STOFILE.STOWIDT number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material length (or third) dimension. {STOFILE.STOLENG number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Material angle (or fourth) dimension. {STOFILE.STOANGL number 3dp}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Unit quantity of pieces with these dimensions. {STOFILE.STOUNIT number}


Stock Locations and Quantities. Date of creation of the stock location record (not batch). {STOFILE.STODATE date date1980}

You can only edit this if the optStockEditDate option is set ON.


Stock Locations and Quantities. Stock Location comments. {STOFILE.STOCOMM char 32000}




The OK button updates the data you have entered, or confirms the selection and/or processes the function you have called. There is no Cancel or Close with this window. You must proceed with the processing you have undertaken with an OK.

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Document path Reference Contents > Inventory > New Multi-location for Part