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This window is used to populate the Account ScratchPad list with a range of selected GL Accounts. The selection can be made in the GL Account Selection subwindow, or by using a Custom Search, or from criteria selected on the Advanced tab pane. The window is opened from the Accounts ScratchPad by selecting Ledgers ScratchPad Options -- Build New List.



Clear ScratchPad First

Check to clear the current contents of the ScratchPad before loading rather than merging new entries.

Button Functions




Cancels any selection criteria and closes the window.


Applies the selection criteria and returns the list to the Accounts ScratchPad.

The window has two tab panes.





On this tab pane select a range of customers using the GL Account Selection subwindow.

Alternatively, select Use Custom to apply the currently selected Custom Search, or click Custom Search to modify or create a search.

Once the selection is made, then click Ok to transfer the selection and close the window, or click Cancel to abandon the selection and close the window.


If Use Custom is selected, any other selections on the tab pane will be ignored.

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Advanced search options

There are none at this time.

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